Offline playback

Streaming subscriptions allow you to import music (tracks, albums and playlists) to listen to it offline. This offline music is called “local music”. It includes music imported by the user, but also the music in cache. 

Imports: this is the music imported by the user, and therefore available for offline playback (this functionality is available in all the Qobuz applications). 

(Music in) Cache: this is the music that has already been listened to by the user. It is automatically stored on your device, and thus available for offline playback. It also allows you to continue the playback of the track in case you lose your Internet connection.

You can disable the Cache functionality from the settings of your Qobuz application.

Please note that it is possible to empty the cache from the settings while keeping your imports.

Be careful, reinstalling or logging out of the application deletes all local music from your application.

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