Why Qobuz is different?

Qobuz offers a unique online musical experience.
We are different in a lot of ways: from our values to the functionalities of our applications. Let’s cite a few:

  • Sound quality:

Our passion for music demands that we offer it to our users in a beautiful sound quality: lossless (FLAC 16-Bit/44.1 kHz, similar to CD quality), as well as high resolution (24-Bit Hi-Res).

Several formats are available for downloads (FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WMA, WAV).

All of our applications are compatible with the highest sound quality.

Discover more about the sound quality. 

  • Documentation quality:

At Qobuz, we respect the works and their history. That is why albums are commentated on and enriched, as we supply documentation on their history. We also offer you the opportunity to browse through the millions of digital booklets in all our applications. 

  • Editorial quality:

Qobuz is all about human and expert recommendations.

Our editorial content looks at artists, meetings and trends in a scholarly and well-argued way. These range from small to big stories about music, for you to rediscover the pleasure of reading.

To discover all the Qobuz difference, there is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself.

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