Qobuz available on all of your devices

You can use Qobuz on any high fidelity system.

More and more connected audio brands have integrated Qobuz through their own applications. (Sonos, Devialet...).

List of our Hi- Res compatible partners

Yamaha*    BlueSound    Devialet    Linn    Electrocompaniet    AuralicLumin

Aurender    BubbleUPnP    Samsung     Audirvana    Cabasse    Arcam

Esoteric    Mark Levinson  T+A    Raumfeld**    Naim**

USB Audio Player ProTeac    Advance Acoustic    Anthem***

Burmester    IEAST    JBL**    Klipsch***

LG**   Martin Logan***    Mc Intosh***    M Connect PlayerMelco

Onkyo**    Paradigm***    Pioneer**

Polk***    Rotel***     SilverCrest    AVM

List of our partners compatible CD Quality

*On all devices that support MusicCast technology
** On all devices that support Googlecast technology
***On all devices that support the DTS PLAY-FI technology

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