The Qobuz Experience

Qobuz is an online music platform offering streaming subscriptions and downloads.

  • The Qobuz Catalogue 

Qobuz offers a catalogue of over 40 million tracks in “lossless” quality (16-Bit / 44.1 kHz, CD-level quality) as well as the largest high-resolution catalogue, with more than 200,000 albums in Hi-Res audio, 185,000 of which are available to stream. 

  • Editorial content

The Qobuz team brings you diverse and in-depth content on all music genres, through articles, columns and videos available in our apps and in the Qobuz magazine.

Our Panoramas are here to enrich your musical experience and knowledge of an artist, label, period, genre, album or entire discography,  We also thoroughly test our Hi-Fi material to ensure its suitable for listening on Qobuz.

  • Music recommendations 

Qobuz is all about human and expert recommendations. Every Friday, discover new releases and playlists selected by our team, on our apps and on our site.

You can also find music you love through our column ‘The Taste of Qobuz’. Here, we list our ‘Qobuzissime’, our favorite unmissable new releases, as well as our Ideal Discography, listing some of the key works of history for you to listen to again and again to your heart’s content.

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