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How to download albums, tracks, collections or complete works?
How to download albums, tracks, collections or complete works?
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How to get Qobuz Downloader: (the third application on the page called "Downloader" is the right one)

You can download in WAV and other formats with the Downloader application. We have not removed this feature.

Even if you've already downloaded the application successfully, here are the download instructions for your music again:

You will need to go to the website:

2. Click on the "Download" button next to an album or track.

3. then click on the "Download with Qobuz Downloader" button.

4. If you have not yet downloaded the Downloader application, click on "Download the app". If you have already downloaded it, click "Open".

5. Select the format in the application (click on the pre-selected format, this will be FLAC) and click on "add to queue", then click on "download" in the next window.

6. After downloading, you can find your album by clicking on the small folder icon to the right of the download. It indicates the storage space on your device.

We understand that some problems may persist, and we want to help you resolve them as best we can. Here are some common problems and associated solutions:

Problem 1: The album does not load into the application, or the application displays a blank window.

Solution: Delete the download application and download it again. Make sure you open the application before going to your purchase page and pressing "Download". This will make it easier to load the application.

Problem 2: The album loads in the application but the download doesn't start.

Solution: Try again by clearing the queue. If this doesn't work, also test with another purchase, if available. If only one album is affected, this is a data error and we will look for a replacement and test it internally. If this happens with all albums, you will need to download the application again. If that doesn't work either, please contact us again.

Problem 3: The application displays an error or message saying that it cannot be downloaded with your device.

Solution: Give us a screenshot of the error message and more detailed information about your device and operating system, and we'll pass it on to our technicians and request a solution as soon as possible.

We would like to assure you that we will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

Yours sincerely,

I haven’t found an answer to my question: contact our customer service team.

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