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How can I join a duo or a family plan?
How can I join a duo or a family plan?
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You can join a Qobuz Duo / Family as a member by accepting an invitation to join one sent by email by the owner of the family subscription:

  • Click on the “Accept the invitation” button in the email

  • Sign in or sign up for a Qobuz account

  • Click on “Join Family Account”

  • You’re now part of the family and can enjoy the Qobuz Apps to stream your music!

To join a duo/family plan, you have to reside at the same place as the owner of the subscription.

Note: If you already have a streaming subscription to Qobuz, you will first have to cancel the subscription and wait for the paid period of validity to expire. You can find this date in the My Streaming Plan tab. If you’re part of another family, you will need to cancel that family membership in the Members tab to join the new one.

If you have additional questions, contact customer service directly.

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