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How to transfer your playlists for free with Soundiiz ?
How to transfer your playlists for free with Soundiiz ?

Transfer your playlists and favourites for free

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Create A Soundiiz account

#1 Go to Soundiiz and enter the code "HELLOQOBUZ" in the box provided / you can also click here directly.

#2 Make yourself a Soundiiz account or log in if you already have one. Once your email address is verified and your Soundizz account is active, click on "Go to the app".

#3 Log in to Qobuz with your usual details

Starting the migration

#4 A black pop-up will ask you if you want to start the migration of your music to Qobuz: click on "Move to Qobuz!"

#5 When the pop-up opens, click on "Let's go!"

#6 Select the the source platform from where you would like to migrate your music and log in with your usual details for this platform.

Selecting content for migration

#7 Choose the playlists, albums, artists and tracks that you would like to transfer. You can migrate the entirity of content by selecting one of these categories or manually by clicking "Select items". Once you have chosen, click on the selected categories and then on "Confirm my selection"

#8 When the summary pop-up opens, if you are happy with your selection, click on "Begin the transfer" to start the process. The transfer of your music will start!

You also have the choice to go back by clicking the arrow in the top left corner.

Errors or other platforms ?

#9 Closed the pop-up inviting you to migrate your music to Qobuz? Have playlists on different streaming platforms? Forgotten to transfer a playlist? Not to worry! You can restart the process by clicking on "Platform to Platform" to the left of your screen.

The process is similar to the one above.

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