It is possible to listen to music on Qobuz applications even when offline thanks to local music. This encompasses two things:

  • Imported music - the music that you select manually to listen to offline

  • Cached music - music that is automatically downloaded in your app when you listen to it on Qobuz.

To enjoy offline playback, you’ll need to:

  • Click on the three little dots next to the albums or tracks and select “import”

  • Listen to the song once with internet connection. It will then be available offline. Please note, for this, the “cache” setting must be on in your settings.

The music available offline, along with albums, tracks and playlists, will be available in the “Offline Library” tab of your different Qobuz apps.

Be careful

  • Reinstalling or logging out of the application deletes all local music from your app.

  • The Webplayer does not allow offline playback

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