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How do I create a playlist?
How do I create a playlist?
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You can create playlists in a few different ways

On a computer (Webplayer and app):

  • Go to the “My Playlists” section

  • Choose “Create a playlist”

  • Fill in the empty fields (name, description…) then click “create a playlist”

  • Tick the “public playlist” box if you want it to be visible by other users

  • Tick the “collaborative playlist” box if you want other users to be able to edit it

  • Add the songs or albums that you want in your new playlist.

On your mobile phone:

The method here is slightly different because you need to start with a song/album to create a new playlist

  • Choose a song or album that you want to add to your new playlist

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the album/track title.

  • Click “add to playlists”

  • To create a new playlist, click on the the cross at the top-right of your screen

  • Give it a name

  • Choose your privacy level

  • Click “create”

On iOS, you can also create a playlist from your favourite tracks

  • Go to “Favourites”

  • Press play

  • Once on on the playback screen, swipe right to display the play queue

  • Click on Options

  • Select “Create a playlist”

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