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How can I subscribe to a Duo or Family plan?
How can I subscribe to a Duo or Family plan?
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To subscribe to a Qobuz Duo or Family offer, go to the Qobuz "streaming plans" page and choose the one that fits your needs.

All Qobuz offers are available in duo or family format:

The Studio offer allows you to stream in Hi-Res

The Sublime offer allows you to stream in Hi-Res and to download Hi-Res products at a reduced price.

Once you have selected your offer, connect to your Qobuz account or create your account and follow the steps.

Warning: If you have a current subscription offer, you will be able to change it for another one if the value of the new subscription is higher than the previous one. Otherwise, if you want to change to a lower valued subscription, you will have to cancel it and wait until the end of your Qobuz rights to join a duo or a family (section "Members"). You will find all the information about your current offer in the "My streaming subscriptions" tab. If you are part of another duo or family, you just have to leave it from the tab "Qobuz Family" to join the new one.

If you have additional questions, contact customer service directly.

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