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How do I experience Hi-Res on Mac?
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We remind you that a Studio or Sublime+ subscription is required to enjoy this streaming quality, and that the Hi-Res option must be selected in the settings of your Qobuz application.

In order to enjoy Hi-Res quality on MAC, it is advisable to use a sound card external to your computer.

There are a number of ways to listen to your music in Hi-Res quality through your Mac, and they can be grouped into two main categories: directly from your Mac’s audio output, or wirelessly.

Listening through your Mac with a DAC

To enjoy Hi-Res on Mac, you’ll need to invest in a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to listen to your music in Hi-Res quality.

Many DACs (USB) can be used to experience the Qobuz application in Hi-Res. However, you will have to choose the DAC as the default sound card.

What is a DAC? (FAQ Article)

How do I choose a DAC? (Link to Philippe’s tests)

Listening through your Mac via a wireless device

First of all, please note that Bluetooth is unfortunately not a viable option, as the files are compressed before being read by your Bluetooth device, negating the value of Hi-Res quality.

The Airplay function on MacOS only allows Qobuz to be used in CD quality due to Airplay’s restriction to 16-bit digital audio files at 48 kHz.

Among the reliable solutions, you can use: Google Cast / Chromecast built-in

On Mac (as on PC), the Qobuz app is compatible with Google Cast/Chromecast built-in, i.e. you can stream Qobuz in Hi-Res to devices compatible with this service (in 24-bit at 96 kHz in most cases and up to 24-bit at 192 kHz on some devices).

It’s both a simple and universal solution, offering a very good sound quality due to it being in FLAC format. It also has the advantage of not draining your battery, as your smartphone acts as a remote control, with the files being played directly from the Qobuz servers by your Google Cast/Chromecast built-in device.

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